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As promised, I want to update you all on my progress during “phase 2” of my journey to weight loss and optimal health.  When last I updated, I had just begun my 2-week juice and (mostly) raw food plan.  This evening I am finishing up day eight.

First, though not necessarily foremost, I have lost 8+ pounds.  Since this has, as I wished, pushed me through to another level of weight loss, I’m very happy with that result. I aspired to 10 pounds, but thought I may be reaching too far.  Now I am confident in reaching what I thought was a rather lofty goal.  I’m so happy with the results that I’m considering a third week. Although the thought of yet another green salad dismays me, there is never a better time than now.  It will all come down to how I feel.

As of today, my cravings are at level 10, my senses of smell and taste are greatly enhanced , but I feel pretty terrific. I expected cravings during week 2, as the same thing occurred during my initial 60-day juice fast.  I found, and find, myself craving food that I didn’t even eat when I was an omnivore! (Doritos – really?). When discussing my cravings and sense of smell with my brother-in-law, he jokingly remarked that my body is playing tricks on me in the hopes that I will search out more food.  As I thought about it, I realized he just may be onto something.  I have drastically cut my calorie consumption, so perhaps my body is, in some primal way, attempting to coerce me into eating more.

I was also, once again, faced with the spectre of emotional eating.  After a perceived failure at work, I had to talk myself out of breaking my eating plan.  I tuned into my inner voice and there it was, clear as day: “i really want to eat – it will make me feel better.”  But I’m too smart for that. I knew I would feel even worse if I caved in.  Had it not been for my juice fast last year – and the skills I took from it – I would have.  Instead, I made myself a cup of tea and wrote out my feelings.  It sounds a bit trite, but it got me through.

In my first paragraph, I mentioned my “(mostly) raw diet.”  You see, the Reboot plan I am following allows some cooked foods, which makes me a happy girl.  I have gotten into the habit, last couple of days, of adding a small amount of roasted vegetables to my salads.  I was inspired by my weekend trip to Los Angeles where my husband and I dined at “Tender Greens” – a Southern California chain of veg-intensive restaurants.  They do serve meat and deserts, but the vast majority of their food consists of fresh, organic salads.  This is the lovely salad I had there: (the picture doesn’t do it justice – oh…and I did not eat the bread!):

My beautiful roasted vegetable salad

Between Tender Greens, another salad restaurant called “Greens Up,” and carrying our own fresh fruit, my husband and I were able to stick to our eating plan throughout our weekend away.  We enjoyed a beautiful 4 mile walk along the Pacific, capped off with a climb up a 150+ step cliff-stairway along the Pacific Coat Highway.

I will write again in a few days to updated you on my progress and let you know if I have decided to continue.  Thanks to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement and support!