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Sorry I have been absent for a bit.  My husband and I decided to begin “phase 2” of our weight loss and optimal health journey, embarking on a two-week juice and raw diet.  That doesn’t leave anything particularly interesting to post – unless you like looking at a refrigerator full of kale or glasses of green juice.

See? Not very interesting.

The journey started last year when my husband needed gallbladder surgery.  He was told that, in order to have a less invasive (laparoscopic) procedure – as opposed to traditional surgery -he needed to lose 20-25 pounds.  He dutifully met with the hospital’s nutritionist and listened as she recommended a liquid diet…a diet full of chemical-laden shakes and puddings. Having recently toyed with the idea of trying a juice fast, and hating the idea of putting all of those chemicals into his body, my husband said “thanks but no thanks” to the hospital fast and “hello” to a 60-day juice fast.

I decided to go along for the ride – telling myself I would try juice fasting for one week.  The first few days were truly awful, as my body detoxed.  But on day four, that all changed: I wasn’t hungry, I had my energy back and I had dropped 5 pounds.  “I’ll go two weeks” I told my husband.  Well…two weeks turned into 30 days.  I thought long and hard about continuing and decided to go for it.  When else would I have this chance?

I did 65 days in all (I wanted to end on a weekend, not knowing how I would feel when I introduced solid food again).   In the end, I had lost 35 pounds – my husband lost 55.  I also had a new relationship with food.  I realized, during those 60 days, just how often I turned to food for comfort. Without that crutch, I was forced to deal with my emotions and work through them.

Which brings me to Plant Based Paradise. I vowed to myself that, at the end of my fast, I would eat a plant-based diet.  And here I am.  Eating plant-based enabled me to lose an additional 15 pounds and maintain it, all while eating delicious, nutritious food – and doing my part to minimize animal suffering along the way.  I can’t ever see turning back.

My husband and I still have a way to go.  We still have weight to lose and decades of abusing our bodies to put behind us…and we’re not getting any younger.   We hope the next two weeks jump-start our weight loss and get us on the road to an even brighter future.

Don’t worry!  I’ll be back soon with more yummy plant-based recipes!